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2oz Organic scent-free Bar Lotion

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Just like our lip balm, our bar lotion has the fantastic base of white-bee’s wax, simultaneously absorbing the humidity around you to help lock in moisture, and also lessening any residue, so no more peeling your cat’s hair off your legs. The grape seed and sweet almond oils found in our lotions combat the appearance, and creation, of stretch marks, scarring, irritation and won’t leave your pores clogged and waiting for an acne breakout, and with yarrow and witch hazel promoting further healing and protection, this lotion will only aim to make your skin glow in its most natural health. Just take the block, swipe it firmly but gently over your skin in long passes until there’s a thin layer over your preferred areas, and then gently massage in. No need to continuously rub in the lotion, it doesn’t take forever like bottled lotion.

-Use it pretty much anywhere, hands (get your cuticles), freshly shaved legs, and dry, cracked heels are waiting for the moisture. 

-Please do not eat, it is only meant for topical use. It won’t even taste good, and remember everyone, for external use only.

-Contains 2oz of the Omnific Flower Original Bar Lotion recipe.

Our “Super Extensive” List of Ingredients

We actually use all certified organic and natural ingredients, no use of pesticides, and easily spoken ingredients (it’s huh-ho-ba, by the way).   

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