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    Omnific Flower Ambassador

    Hannah Ellis

    follow her on TikTok @ han.elliss to see more
    great information about Omnific Flower &
    great, funny shorts!

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    When you can't hide your Joy,
    Hailee is there with you!
    Witch hazel will reduce the formation
    of razor bumps and heals micro cuts faster
    then fast! That makes anyone happy.

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  • Omnific Flower Ambassador


    Join Tia and put your best leg forward
    with silky smooth legs after an amazing

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Our Philosophy

Ever get tired of not knowing what you’re putting on your body?  For example, what is phenoxyethanol? Why am I putting it on my body?  Turns out, it’s a preservative.  Do we really need to ensure our sugar scrub lasts 7 years through the zombie apocalypse?  Turns out the FD&C labels things 95% organic as “Organic”.  That means I could use 95% organic coconut oil and 5% nicotine, which is enough to addict and even poison you. What are the long-term health benefits of things like phenoxyethanol?  We, and the FDA have no clue.

At Omnific Flower we have spent years in research and development.  We have worked with homeopathic doctors, researchers & scientists to find all natural ingredients.  These ingredients have been used worldwide, since the dawn of time, to help and heal people.  Things like Yarrow, one of the worlds most ancient healing flower.  It has been used since recorded history to heal skin.  We now know it is also and antimicrobial and fantastic for smoothing skin that is prone to irritations. All of our ingredients have been scientifically studied, found to have beneficial healing effects & organically grown and harvested.

So, at Omnific Flower when we say organic, we mean organic.  Not close to, not “kinda”, but actually organic.  We feel that you, as well as us, want to know what you’re putting on your body and rubbing into your skin.  You don’t need a PhD in Bio Chemistry to read our labels.  We include articles and medical studies on our website to each and every ingredient. 

If that sounds good, we’re not done yet!  We also decided that you shouldn’t need a PhD and twenty years’ experience to afford our products!  Our generation is smarter and more frugal than our forefathers.  We know how hard it is out there to make a good dollar.  We also know we shouldn’t wait to care for our bodies if we want to live a long, healthy life.  So, we at Omnific Flower are dedicated to bring you the highest quality product at the most affordable prices possible.  That is our pledge to you, our friends, family and peers.