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Original Lip Balm Tube

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With a similar concept to our bar lotion, our white bee’s wax-based lip balm traps moisture in the air around you to keep your lips full and hydrated, and with the yarrow and witch hazel oils any splits or cuts on your lips will be accelerated to heal cleanly and be prevented in the future. After absorbing the vitamin E and wheat germ additions, any ulcers, bites or dryness will be soothed, and scarring and hyperpigmentation will be combatted so you’re only left with healthy, hydrated, and restored lips after using. Just pucker up, swipe it on, and continue with your day, no need to layer, and with minimal contact transfer, our lip balm will stay on your lips, not your straws!

-It’s meant for your lips, but hey it works for cuticles as well, tattoos too!

-It won’t kill you if you accidentally eat a little bit of the lip balm, but don’t go chomping on the whole tube.

-Contains 1ml of the Omnific Flower Original Lip Balm Recipe.

Our “Super Extensive” List of Ingredients

We actually use all certified organic and natural ingredients, no use of pesticides, and easily spoken ingredients (it’s yar-row, by the way).

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