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12oz Organic Sugar Scrub

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Our sugar scrub has a medium coarseness due to the blend of sugars, gently exfoliating dead skin and promoting annoying ingrown hairs to the surface. The perfect blend of shea and mango butters in the scrub help ensure your skin’s health with fatty acids and natural vitamins that help improve the natural skin barrier, leaving you moisturized and protected. In combination with both coconut and jojoba oils, your skin will be packed with anti-aging moisture (bye wrinkles.) and antioxidants. The use of yarrow and witch hazel help to prevent those stubborn ingrown hairs and acne for even delicate skin. Just scrub on your chosen area of skin until you feel your hands tingling (don’t worry, it’s your skin on your hands exfoliating and absorbing the oils), and proceed to rinse and wash as you normally would!

-Great for callused areas, as well as general skin, and gentle for delicate.


-Please do not eat, it is only meant for topical use. It won’t even taste good, and remember everyone, for external use only.


-Contains 12oz. of the Omnific Flower Original Sugar Scrub recipe.


Our “Super Extensive” List of Ingredients

We actually use all certified organic and natural ingredients, no use of pesticides, and easily spoken ingredients (it’s huh-ho-ba, by the way).           

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